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Design & communications

I make stuff

I get excited about information architecture, communication arts, graphic design & brand development. I design for print and web contexts. I’m a founding partner and the principal designer of a small design and communications firm, Pink Sheep Media, where I get to immerse myself in typography, illustration, brand development and research.

Graphic design: communication design

Icons, models, illustrations and diagrams are at the heart of communication. A good diagram, like a good metaphor, can do the heavy lifting. Visual impact is about getting people to soak up an idea, or a cluster of ideas, at a glance. While this isn’t necessarily easy, it is a worthy goal. That assumes, of course, that the idea is worthy.

Usability, accessibility, readability

Typography is important. And, yes, there’s a lot more to good typesetting than just picking a font. Function counts. Function for everyone, counts. Signs have to work. Text has to be legible. Page layout has to be engaging. Best practices cannot be ignored.

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