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I’m currently a founding partner and the principal designer of a small design and communications firm, where my skills as a typographer, illustrator, brand developer and researcher are tested and honed each and every day.

M.A. Philosophy

Actually, the reason I moved to Victoria was to complete an MA in Philosophy at the University of Victoria. Which I did. I wrote a thesis in the area of thought between Epistemology, the Philosophy of Science and the Philosophy of Language. It’s awesome. Check it out by downloading my thesis here [PDF].

Graphic design

Communication design and graphic design are important dimensions of the social and political contexts in which we find ourselves.

I take seriously the impact that marketing and advertising have on our culture. And I want to participate in creating that culture.

Good design starts with figuring out what’s important. This requires good listening, observing and research skills. It also requires some clarity of values. Communication is a social behaviour. It is also, therefore, a behaviour laden with ethical implications. Values count.

Web Designer

Working as a designer on the web has been of the utmost importance. The technical challenges of designing within HTML and CSS are significant. And I love it. I handcode static sites and I also enjoy implementing content management systems and theming with open source platforms. I have much enthusiasm, in particular, for WordPress, with which I have had extensive experience. Web standards, accessibility, loading speed, information architecture and user experience best practices are all issues for which I have great respect and interest.

Print Designer

I started out in print design: typography, page layout, logo and wordmark design, book layout, cover design, magazine and newspaper advertisements, annual reports and marketing collateral. I have used the Adobe Creative Suite extensively, as well as a number of other publishing tools. I have even used Quark. Twice.

One Shot for Coastal Carnivores

Professional life

My career as a communications and graphic designer began at the University of Victoria. I was the director of communications for the Graduate Student Society at UVic. I also volunteered and worked as the president of the Educational Employees Union.

Along the way, I have worked as a fundraiser, a treeplanter, crewboss, camp supervisor and even as a well-head maintenance guy in the oil patch.

Interests in design

I like lego. I like to sketch. And I like to build stuff. These interests are inextricably entangled with my passion to communicate. When I discovered the Journal of the Mental Environment, many years ago, my interest in brand management really clicked. And I continue to be interested in culture, business, politics and the environment.

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